Fit for the Future

21 lokakuu

Fit for the Future

Villa Svalvik, Helsinki

Fit for the Future for family businesses


In family businesses success is based on the work and values of previous generations. Every generation renews their businesses to confront the challenges of the future. How will you re-create your family business?

The Finnish Family Firms Association provides a unique leadership training program to:

  • challenge family businesses to consider new ways to be fit for the future
  • bring new perspectives on how to develop family businesses
  • radically increase the creation of sustainable value
  • give new ways to think and creatively problem solve
  • more fully use human and businesses resources
  • co-create with stakeholders greatly increased value
  • know the key ways to take your business beyond competitiveness
  • deepen business development know-how to thrive from change

This training is for board members and operative managers of family businesses. The program is lead by Markku Wilenius and Christopher Evatt.

Markku Wilenius is a Professor of Future Studies at Turku School of Business with a long experience in business-life, especially within family businesses.

Christopher Evatt is from New Zealand and lives in Finland. He is a business philosopher and innovator, adviser to universities and family business owners and an awarded authority on personal empowerment.

21.10 The identity of a Family Business and its structure for the future

How to strengthen the identity of a family business?What kind of organisation structures do successful future family businesses have?

We will analyse the ways your business can find its deeper purpose and meaning, motivate  employees and tell about operation models that promote high-quality customer service.

16.11 Values for on-going renewal

What values and ethics for a thriving family business? How to motivate your employees and stakeholders to give their best?

Based on research an our experience we will present how values can guide the operations of a business and how a human centric business can be created by inspiring people to work responsibly.

14.12 Stakeholders as a prerequisite for family business continuity

How can family businesses can thrive by including different stakeholders in their operations? How does one build and sustain a self-renewing, living organisation?

We will tell you how to better meet the interests of employees, customers, other stakeholders and social actors by engaging them into the processes of your business.

We will also describe ways to ensure the businesses energy and performance stays high.

The training is focused on the application of understandings, know-how and tools for your business to thrive. It contains small tutorial groups, conversations, sharing of ideas and exercises. The trainings days start at 8.30 o’clock with morning coffee and end at 16.00.

You will gain the most benefit by attending with a least one other person from your business.

Participation fee

1 500€+vat for the members of PL, 1800€+vat for the non-members.

The next participants from the same member firm pay 1 200€+vat and the next ones from the non-member firms pay 1 500€+vat.

Please register before 9.10. We will charge 50% of the participation fee of every cancellation coming after 9.10.

For more information, please contact Krista Elo-Pärssinen, 0400 254 004.


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