Winter Academy 2018

Winter Academy 2018

Prepare yourself for the Winter Academy in RUKA – the best way to start a new year!

Next year’s Winter Academy theme is AloneTogether. The trip to Ruka starts on Thursday the 1st of February with a company visit to Pentik Oy, a well known Finnish ceramic and furnish family owned business. Pentik Oy is the world’s most northern and Finland’s only ceramic manufacturer.

On Friday we have Next cases by Jessica Jungell-Michelsson & Fredrik BergmanPaulig Oy, and Niklas KumlinHelsinki Mills Ltd. Afterwards a workshop will be held by our strategic companions. Pata Degerman, a well know Finnish explorer, will enter the stage in the afternoon. He will give us an inspirational speech about how to keep up the fighting and working spirit. Go check his pictures on instagram.

On Saturday the Next Gen’s of the FBN Polaris group will give us a workshop, led by Janina Luoto and Simon Torres.

And don’t worry, you will have time to ski on Saturday after lunch and on Sunday. We expect full participation in the organized program.

The final price for Finnish Family business members is 330€ (+ VAT).

Underneath are the flights from Helsinki to Kuusamo and back, you may book them now. For those who wants to ski on Sunday the 4th of February may want to take the later plane. There will be organized bus rides for all of the flights beneath.

Thursday the 1st of February, Finnair 485 Helsinki- Kuusamo 11.50- 13.05

Sunday the 4th of February, Finnair 486 Kuusamo- Helsinki 14.30- 15.40
Sunday the 4th of February, Finnair 488 Kuusamo- Helsinki 17.35- 18.45

Note for those who wants a private room

There’a a hotel close-by Cumulus Resort Rukahovi where we have a few rooms under the name Winter Academy Ruka.
You can either book a SINGLE room 102eur/day or a DOUBLE room 122eur/day. Rooms include breakfast, sauna and WIFI. You will book the room yourself by sending them and email, please inform them which room you’ll have. The rooms are available until 30th of November 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Mikaela Wikström / 050 525 8907

The registration has started and will end 14th of January 2018. We charge full price for no- show.


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